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Mac Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile Phone

Do u want most convenient way to promote your products and services ?

Mac Bulk SMS Mobile marketing software for android phones helps to establish mobile text messages marketing campaigns. Software sends bulk text messages from your MAC machine to individual or list of contact numbers across the world without requiring internet connection.

How to Send Bulk SMS from Your Android Device

By Tarun Tyagi |
Android Bulk SMS Software

If you're a Mac user with an Android device and want to send group text messages as well as enhnace your Mobile Marketing campaigns , Install 'DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile Phone' and start sending text messages, share market updates, product launching details, alerts and notifications etc.

To know more about this software, just go through following articles.

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Mac text message sending program send group SMS to single or list of contact numbers from android mobile phone connected with Mac machine.

DRPU Bulk SMS Software provides facility to send SMS using Delayed Delivery Option (This mode helps controlling and customizing the load of SMS broadcasting going out of your Phone).

How to import or load recipients contact numbers from text file by using DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile Phone.

Send multiple unicode character text messages from your android device by using DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Software for Android.

Software provides Exclusion list Wizard option that allows to maintain Lists of contacts or Groups, which you may need to exclude time to time while sending messages.

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