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Bulk SMS Software - Professional

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➪ Benefits of using Bulk sms messaging software:

  • Option to send bulk messages contains non-English (Unicode) characters.
  • No Internet connection is required to send sms from pc.
  • Save time and significant amount of money on your bulk mobile marketing campaign.

Bulk SMS Software - Professional

Mobile Device Selection
Step1 : You need to select mobile device type among GSM, Android and Windows. Here, we have selected 'GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone'.

Bulk SMS Software - Professional allows you to send group text messages from PC using Android, GSM, Windows based mobile phones or USB modems. SMS sending program provides exclusion list Wizard option to maintain the lists of contacts or Groups, which you may need to exclude from time to time during sending SMS.

SMS messaging program supports multiple USB modems or GSM mobile phones for sending group text messages. SMS sending program send sms messages from computer without using sms gateway program or internet connection.

How to send SMS using Bulk SMS Software - Professional via GSM Mode ?

How to send SMS using Bulk SMS Software - Professional via Android Mode ?

Software Features
  • Compose and send text messages from pc to individuals or a list of phone numbers.
  • Provides option to add and paste contact numbers manually for broadcasting SMS.
  • Bulk text message program load Contacts from File or Send unique or personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel.
  • Exclusion list Wizard option maintains the Lists of contacts or Groups, which you may need to exclude time to time when sending sms from computer.
  • Provides facility to send bulk sms messages using Delayed Delivery Options to control and customize the load of SMS broadcasting.
  • SMS broadcasting program can deliver alerts, business campaigns, reminders, events and other personalized SMS over worldwide locations in less time.
  • Advance option to load contacts from phone memory while using Windows and Android mobile phone for sending bulk messages.
  • Bulksms application save sent messages and can be easily viewed by the user.
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