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Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

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➪ Software Features:
  • Supports multiple USB modems to send group messages.
  • Delayed delivery option to manage the load of bulk SMS.
  • Facilitate you to save sent SMS to a template that can be viewed later.
  • Does not require an internet connection to broadcast bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem
Step1 : If No USB modem device is selected, then click on 'USB modems Connection Wizard' button. Use Import and Composing Options to load contacts from file, phone or send unique or personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel.

Want to send thousands of text messages across the world?

Bulk SMS Software for USB Modem is designed to broadcast number of text messages from PC using USB modem. Text messaging program supports all Unicode languages to send sms from computer to your friends, relatives and business partners.

Bulk SMS software works as your personal sms gateway to send text messages instantly. Bulk SMS software allows users to connect multiple USB modems with computer for sending sms from PC to mobile phones.

Why to prefer Bulk SMS Software for USB Modem
  • Bulk SMS software helps you to send sms from pc using GSM modems.
  • Broadcast notifications and standard messages through USB modem that is connected to your PC.
  • Offer inbuilt list wizard option to manage list of contact numbers to send sms from the modem.
  • Provides an easy way to send text sms in bulk numbers via USB modems.
  • SMS Software is useful to send share market updates, important alerts, events, reminders and other text messages across the world.
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