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How to send SMS using Bulk SMS Software - Professional using GSM Mode?

Bulk SMS Software - Professional
To use bulk SMS software first connect your GSM mobile phone with PC. Learn more about connection process.


➠ Enter recipient Number

Enter recipient Number to whom you want to send sms and click on add button.


You can use ‘Import and Composing Options’ to load contacts from saved file or send personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel. After loading contact numbers and their respective SMS, recipient numbers will display on the Number and Message List window.

Import and Composing Options


➠ Compose Message

Now Type the message you want to send in the Message Composer window. You may also click on Apply this message to list items button to apply composed message to list of contact number items for bulk messaging.


➠ Select Notification or Standard SMS
Now select “Notification” or “Standard SMS” as per your need.
  • Notification: You can send the Notification sms that only displays on the mobile screen of recipient and will not save in the Inbox folder of mobile phone.
  • Standard SMS: You can send the Standard SMS that is stored in the Inbox folder of the recipient mobile phone.
➮ Note: You can also select various other feature of our software to apply on message sending process such as Delayed Delivery Options, Save Sent Items Exclusion Rules etc.


➠ Send message

Now click on the 'Send' button to send sms.

SMS Sending Process

Select the Product you want.
Bulk SMS Software - Professional
Mac Also for Mac
Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile
Mac Also for Mac
Bulk SMS Software (Multi-Device Edition)
Mac Also for Mac
Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem
Multi USB Modem
Mac Also for Mac
Bulk SMS Software for GSM Mobile
Mac Also for Mac
Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile