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How to connect GSM Mobile with PC ?

For sending group messages by Bulk SMS Software – Professional, first you have to connect mobile phone to PC. The connection steps in this page show, how you can connect mobile phone with PC.

Step-1 : Select GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone

Start with selecting “GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone” option from initial screen of Bulk SMS Software – Professional, as shown:-

Mobile Device Selection

Step-2 : Connect GSM Phone to the Computer

In order to send group messages by bulk sms software, you need to install your mobile device driver properlly, then attach your GSM mobile phones with PC.

Connect Android Phone to the Computer

Step-3 : Establish Mobile Phone Connection

Once the mobile phone is connected with PC, click on “OK” button for establishing connection between mobile phone and PC.

Mobile Phone Connection Wizard

Select mobile device from connected mobile device list and click on ‘Use Selected Device to Send SMS’ button. Now your mobile phone is ready to use.

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