Technical Tips / Enable USB Debugging in Spice Android Device

Enable/Disable USB Debugging Mode in Spice Android Mobile Phone

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Learn how to enable USB debugging option in Spice Android Mobile Phone. USB debugging mode allows you to connect your android phones to computer system and use the android SDK along with it. Using DRPU Bulk SMS Software you can send multiple text SMS from spice android device connected to PC.

Steps to enable/disable USB debugging mode in Spice Android Mobile Device

Step 1: Go to Settings
Go to Settings

Start from main menu and tap Settings.

Step 2: Applications ➜ Development
In Applications, select Development option

Tap Applications and then tap Development.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging
Enable USB debugging

Check on USB debugging option and Tap OK.

Step 4: USB debugging enabled
USB debugging enabled

USB debugging has been enabled. To disable unmark the box in front of USB debugging.