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HTC Touch Viva Windows Phone: Performing Hard Reset

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Is your HTC touch viva mobile device is responding incorrectly, running a little sluggishly, freezing, slow, or any other problem with the phone not solve in any other way? There is a option available to resolve these problems, perform a hard reset. After performing hard reset your HTC Touch Viva windows phone is stored to its default settings (the way it was when you purchased it and turned it ON). Any application you installed, data you entered and settings you customized on your mobile phone will be lost. Make sure that any additional installed programs and any other data files (that you do not want to lose) have been backed up before you perform a hard reset.

Steps to perform hard reset HTC Touch Viva windows mobile device

Step 1:
Remove the back cover and pull out the stylus
Remove the back cover of your HTC touch viva windows phone and then pull out the stylus.
Step 2:
press and hold down the both Call and End buttons
With the device turned ON, press and hold down the both Call/Talk and End buttons.
Step 3:
Use the stylus to press the reset button
At the same time use the stylus tip to press the red reset button (located at the top center of the back of HTC touch viva mobile device).
Step 4:
Release the reset button but continue to press the Send and End buttons until the message appears
Release the red reset button but continue to press and hold the Call/Send and End buttons until the reset message appears on the mobile screen.
Step 5:
Press Send button to perform the hard reset
Now release Call and End buttons and press Call/Send button to perform the hard reset or you can press any other button to cancel the reset.
Step 6:
Device will start to reset data
Now device will start to reset data, wait patiently it may take several minutes. This operation will delete all your personal data and reset all settings to manufacturer default.