Technical Tips / Enable USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005: Activate USB Debugging

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Galaxy Note 3 smartphone users: you need to enable/activate Developer options and USB debugging mode in order to connect your Android device with PC or MAC machine. After connecting your galaxy note 3 to computer you can send multiple numbers of text SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS Software. Read this article to turn ON usb debugging mode in samsung galaxy note 3 android phone.

Quick guide to enable USB debugging mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone
Step 1: Apps › Settings
In Apps go to phone Settings
Start from main menu tap 'Apps' and then tap on 'Settings'.
Step 2: General › About device › Tap 7 times Build number
In General tap About device and tap 7 times Build number
Tap General in upper right corner of the phone screen and then tap About device. In About device you can see Build number option, tap seven times on it.
Step 3: Go back › Developer options
Go back and tap on Developer options
After touching seventh time you will see a message that says 'Developer mode has been enabled'. Now Go back and select Developer options.
Step 4: USB debugging › Tap OK
Enable USB debugging mode
In developer options you can see a USB debugging, check on it and tap OK to allow USB debugging option. USB debugging mode has been enabled successfully. If you want to disable usb debugging, unmark the box in front of USB debugging.