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Nokia N8 Mobile Phone Hard Reset

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If your Nokia N8 have problem such as hang, not responding, slow working, stuck, frozen etc. Perform hard reset to permanently delete all existing data stored on your mobile's internal memory. Before factory/hard reset mobile device you should backup anything that you do not want to delete. Hard reset procedure is also useful when you are going to hand off your device to another person. A factory/hard reset will reset the device back to factory default settings.

Performing Nokia N8 Hard Reset or Factory Reset

Method 1
Step 1:
Switch off your device
Switch off your Nokia N8 mobile phone and wait for few seconds.
Step 2:
Press and hold the Power, Camera, Menu and Volume down buttons simultaneously
Press and hold the Hardware keys simultaneously: Volume Down Button + Camera Button + Menu Button + Power Button. Wait until the phone vibrate.

Hard reset done. Sometimes this method may not be work because of your phone software is not updated or any other reason. In that case you can use another method as we have given below.

Method 2
Step 1:
Dial number *#7370#
Turn ON your Nokia N8 mobile device. Dial number: *#7370#
Step 2:
Tap Yes
If message is displayed on mobile screen, tap Yes. Hard reset procedure is completed. Follow some phone settings steps to setup your device.